Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

The classifications offered by CDMT for quality assurance in the delivery of performing arts training, education and assessment are outlined below:

Institutional members are quality assured and confirmed by CDMT as meeting the highest industry and institutional standards for the delivery of provision in dance, drama and musical theatre education, assessment and training.

There are two forms of Institutional Members as follows:

  • Accredited Professional Schools, Colleges and Conservatoires that offer three or four year professional training courses for those aged 16 – 18 or over, which guarantee students more than thirty contact teaching hours per week and have been in operation for at least four years, and on average, their graduate progression rate directly to performance roles in the industry is more than 90%.
  • Validated Awarding Organisations that offer graded, vocational and diploma examinations in dance, drama, musical theatre and the related performing arts who work with Ofqual, either directly or through a partner organisation, and whose qualifications are recognised on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF).

Institutional members undertake full institutional inspection and programme scrutiny by CDMT, which typically involves submission of self-evaluation documentation by the applicant and a two day visit of the organisation by three industry consultants, as well as making annual membership payments, and taking part in a regular cycle of monitoring and inspections.

Affiliates are committed to working with CDMT to develop the highest standards of programme provision in performing arts education and training, and undertake programme scrutiny and inspection of relevant accompanying management by CDMT. This classification includes Access to Professional Training and Professional Development. Affiliate status typically involves submission of self-evaluation documentation by the applicant organisation and a one-day inspection of the relevant programme by one or two industry consultants, depending on category. If successful, the Affiliate will subsequently undergo an annual monitoring visit, and make yearly payments reflective of their programme.

Recognised Award Holders are part-time and pre-vocational performing arts schools and teachers working in out-of-school settings teaching children between the ages of 5 – 18, and who are committed to upholding safe and professional standards of practice, and promote the appropriate requirements for teachers and support students’ progression in dance, drama and musical theatre education through participation in the scheme. Holders of a Recognised Award undertake a ‘self-certification’ process with desk-based checks of submitted information carried out by a member of CDMT office staff, and holders renew their information and payment on an annual basis.

If you would like to discuss joining CDMT as an Accredited School, Validated Awarding Organisation, Affiliate or participant in the Recognised Awards Scheme, please contact us on [email protected] indicating which classification you might qualify for.