Recognised Awards scheme

The Recognised Awards

All the Arts Theatre School, Brian Thomas

CDMT’s Recognised Awards are a set of industry-designed principles for part-time and pre-vocational performing arts schools and teachers working in out-of-school settings teaching children between the ages of 5 – 18. In taking part in the scheme, award holders confirm that they are committed to upholding safe and professional standards of practice, promoting the appropriate requirements for teachers and supporting students’ progression in dance, drama and musical theatre education. Holders of a Recognised Award undertake a ‘self-certification’ process with desk-based checks of submitted information carried out by a member of CDMT office staff, and holders renew their information and payment on an annual basis.

The Recognised Awards confirm that schools and teachers appreciate the importance of:

  • Adhering to appropriate Professional Policies and Procedures, including Safeguarding and Health & Safety
  • Holding valid Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Certificates and adequate Insurance
  • Following the scheme’s Code of Professional Conduct and Practice
  • Having the appropriate level of relevant Teaching Qualifications and/or Professional Experience.

These standards correspond with the Department for Education’s guidance for Keeping Children Safe in Out-of-School Settings. By joining the Recognised Awards scheme schools and teachers demonstrate that they understand the significance of these guidelines and have a strong commitment towards the safety of their students.

Many Recognised Awards holders prepare children for entry to graded examinations with one of CDMT’s Validated awarding organisations, and in many cases, their students go on to study at a CDMT Accredited School.

As part of the scheme, CDMT provides a support package, including template policies for Health and Safety, Children and Adults at Risk, Code of Professional Conduct for Schools and Teachers and Equal Opportunities. Recognised Awards holders also receive personalised certificates, are granted usage of CDMT’s Recognised Awards logos and benefit from complementary promotional materials for their participation in the scheme. For a comprehensive overview of CDMT’s support package for the Recognised Awards scheme, including details of discounts and offers from sponsors of the scheme, please click here.

To find out more about who the Recognised Awards scheme is for click here, and to find your nearest Recognised Award holder, click here.