Recognised Awards FAQs

LIPA, Tracey Gibbs

Is CDMT a Government-run organisation?
No. CDMT is a charitable organisation and works closely with, but independently of, the Government.

Why has CDMT introduced the Awards?
The Awards ensure that all concerned with pre-vocational dance, drama and musical theatre education can make clear and informed distinctions between schools and teachers which follow CDMT’s Requirements of good professional practice and those which do not.

What happens if a school/teacher fails to adhere to any of the Requirements?
Complaints regarding Recognised Schools and Teachers must be addressed to the school/teacher in question using the appropriate customer service procedure. CDMT will not be responsible for dealing with complaints.

Where a complaint is not resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant, s/he may wish to notify CDMT, which can take the complaint into account at the next application for renewal of any Recognised Award.

For applicants of a Recognised Award

Does the award only apply to dance schools and teachers who deliver disciplines such as ballet, tap or modern dance?
No, the Recognised Awards can be held by any school or teacher working in the performing arts.

If I am a member of one of CDMT’s member dance teaching societies, why do I need to be Recognised?
All dance teaching societies have different membership requirements. The Recognised Awards are national benchmarks available throughout the performing arts sector and are open to members of all awarding organisations and teaching societies.

I am a teacher within a Recognised School. Why is it in my interests to apply for a Recognised Award?
If you teach within a Recognised School, it is the organisation which holds the award and not you as an individual. If you wish to promote the standards you uphold and be listed on our online database of teachers, you may wish to consider becoming a Recognised Teacher in your own right.

What does my Recognised Award application fee pay for?
CDMT is a charitable organisation. The annual application and renewal fees for the Recognised Awards are invested directly back into the administration and development of the scheme.

I am a Recognised School. Do the teaching staff automatically become Recognised Teachers?

No, the Recognised School Award is attached to the organisation itself. Members of the teaching staff must apply for their own award if they seek to gain individual recognition.

Who is eligible to apply for the Awards?
Any qualifying dance, drama or musical theatre school or performing arts teacher can apply.

I am a freelance teacher working in several different venues. Can I apply for a Recognised Award?
Yes, absolutely. Depending on the qualifications you hold the Recognised Teacher Award would be ideal for you.

I am not sure which Award to apply for. I am keen for the whole school to be recognised, but I also teach several classes independently outside of the school.
Many applicants in this situation decide to gain both the Recognised School and an individual teacher award. This way the whole school gains recognition, but equally when you deliver classes outside of the school environment, you can do so with the individual recognition of the Recognised Teacher award.

I have my own Health and Safety Policy and Equal Opportunities Policy. Do I need to use CDMT's guidelines to make new Policies or can I continue to follow my own?
This requirement is in place to ensure you have and adhere to written professional practices. CDMT can provide guidelines as to what should be included in these policies, however it is the responsibility of the Principal or individual to produce and take ownership of these policies; therefore you may continue to use your own.

For parents and public

My child is attending classes at a dance school or with a teacher that isn't Recognised. Should I be worried?
If a dance school or teacher does not hold a Recognised Award, it is not necessarily cause for concern. You may wish to investigate the professional status of the dance school or teacher by asking what qualifications they hold, whether they have adequate insurance and DBS/CRB disclosures and adhere to a Code of Professional Conduct. You should be able to gauge the professionalism of the school by asking for this information.

There are no Recognised Schools or Teachers in my area, what do I do?
If there are no Recognised Schools or Teachers in your area, we suggest you ask your local school to apply for a Recognised Award.

How do I know if my child is attending a Recognised School or being taught by a Recognised Teacher?
All currently Recognised Schools and Teachers are listed in CDMT’s online directory Find your nearest Recognised Provider

If my child attends a currently Recognised School or is being taught by a currently Recognised Teacher are you guaranteeing their safety?
No-one, including CDMT, can guarantee your child's safety. By choosing a Recognised School or Recognised Teacher you are making an informed choice to minimise the risk that your child will be taught in an unprofessional or unsafe environment.

 I have seen a teacher promote themselves as a CDMT Approved Teacher / Recognised Qualified Teacher (QTS/QTLS). What does this mean?
The Recognised Teacher category is an amalgamation of previous Recognised Qualified Teacher (QTS / QTLS) and Approved Teacher categories. Therefore some teachers may still be using the old logos in the crossover period before receiving their new one.

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