CDMT Accredited schools transform lives, enrich communities, drive regional and national economic growth, and improve social interactions across the arts and culture.

These schools have an approximate combined:

  • turnover of more than £90m each year
  • total of students on full-time vocational courses in the performing arts of 6,300
  • in-take of new students onto vocational courses of 2,700 annually, from 20,500 auditions.

As the UK begins to recover from the disruption of the global Covid-19 pandemic, it is important that these schools and colleges can emerge from lockdown safely and in line with guidance from government, public health advice and health and safety legislation.

It is imperative that their needs are considered alongside those of the industry which they serve. Whatever decisions are made for the wider sector, including for theatres and other performance venues, consideration must also be made of the support needed to secure the existing ‘pipeline’ of highly trained future professionals on which the entertainment and performance sector relies.

The electronic booklet, which is available here, addresses the specific concerns and needs of CDMT Accredited schools, in the Covid-19 circumstances, to enable these institutions whose diverse and talented graduates underpin the success of the cultural industries, to flourish in the new world. In turn, the UK economy will benefit from the creative contributions made by this next generation of trained professionals.

Acc Schools booklet front page

In support of the sector, CDMT also publishes the annual UK Guide to Professional Training, Education and Assessment in the Performing Arts, which is sponsored by Spotlight, and can be accessed here as an e-book.