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Following the Prime Minister’s Covid-19 statement on Tuesday 23 June 2020, the Council for Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre (CDMT), People Dancing, and One Dance UK are seeking urgent clarification and information as to when and how indoor dance and movement can restart. 

There are apparent contradictions between reference to ‘dance studios’ in the Guidance for the public on the phased return of outdoor sport and recreation in England (published 1 June) and continuing work on the draft guidance on return to training, rehearsal and performance for the performing arts. 

Our sector needs clarity. It is disappointing that the authorities have not clarified when these settings can open as our classes are a valuable resource for people of all ages, giving an outlet for their creativity, the chance to exercise, and providing vital support to their wellbeing and mental health. This is particularly important at this difficult time when other educational structures are not available to them.

We will keep you posted via our normal means of communication