The Royal Academy of Dance have some exciting online CPD Courses coming up in August - you can find out more here!

Introduction to Music for Dance teachers

Deepen your understanding of the essential elements of music for dance classes with the Royal Academy of Dance’s online course, and learn about how and why particular types of music are used for classes and performances.

You’ll take away knowledge of rhythm and timing, different musical styles and practices, and issues in musical development and education. Book now for the August course:


Music for Dance and Dance Teaching Progressions

Take part in a series of online activities from the Royal Academy of Dance to gain developed practical and theoretical knowledge of musical forms and terminology for dance and dance teaching. 

Using just your computer, you will learn how to plan for the inclusion of musical understanding in your own teaching. Book now for August:


Educating the Gifted and Able Dancer

Learn about the provision for gifted and talented dance students with the Royal Academy of Dance’s online course, as well as some of the challenges in teaching these students.

Various principles will be considered and applied to your teaching, and practical learning and strategies will also be explored, alongside understanding the need for progression and attainment. Book now for August:


Building Relationships in the Business of Teaching

Join the Royal Academy of Dance’s series of online activities to gain skills and knowledge in building positive relationships with your dance students and their parents.

You’ll focus on creating and maintaining positive relationships, building rapport and exercising effective conflict resolution techniques. Book now for August: