ISTD- Non syllabus dance courses

ISTD have some exciting non syllabus dance courses running in April


Inclusive Dance Practice
@Lift Dance Studios, 45 White Lion Street, London, N1 9PW
Wednesday 5th April 2017. 11:00 – 17:00
Gain a greater understanding of how to work with and support young people with disabilities. Led by the pioneering Stopgap Dance Company, the course will provide you with practical ways of making your practice more inclusive. You will have an opportunity to explore the theory of movement translation and how it relates to your individual practice. in addition,  there will be a practical exploration of key techniques when teaching a range of disabilities.

Price: ISTD Members £60, Provisional Members £36 and Non Members £75. 

Introducing Creative Teaching Practices in Dance
@ISTD 2 Studios, 346 Old Street, London, EC1V 9NQ
Sunday 9th April 2017. 10:30 – 17:30

This workshop will explore how we can embed creativity into every area of your dance teaching practice. We will explore, warm ups, how to teach technique through creative tasks, creative choreographic tools for performances or technical phrases of movement and cool downs. We will also consider how we can build confidence and performance skills and piece this all together in creative schemes of work. Led by Tom Hobden, he will use his 12 years experience of leading creative dance to help you find methods and structures specific to your dance style that will help lead a successful session. This course will cover:

· Understanding ‘how to be creative’
· The impact of creative teaching
· Creative approaches to warm ups, cool downs.
· Using creative approaches in technique sessions
· Creative approches for your choreography (class or performance)
· Creative approches increasing confidence and performance in your students.
· Building creative schemes of work.
· Practical exploration of how to incorporate new approaches to your dance style.

Price: ISTD Members £60, Provisional Members £36 and Non Members £75. 

Teaching Dance in Secondary Schools
@ISTD 2 Studios, 346 Old Street, London, EC1V 9NQ.
Thursday 13th April. 10:30 – 17:30

The day’s course will focus on promoting and teaching secondary school dance both within curriculum lessons and through the use extra-curricular time. The foundations of the course are built around 10 years of teaching experience but also using national curriculum guidelines and the current GSCE specification in order to embed key skills from key stage 3. Hosted by Amy West.
Learning outcomes: 

· Planning and devising appropriate schemes of work for all key stages
· Contemporary warm up exercises and practical phrases, along with creative task examples that can be developed and used 
· Key vocabulary and lesson structures to enable best practise and high achievement 

Price: ISTD Members £60, Provisional Members £36 and Non Members £75. 


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