CDMT and Westminster

CDMT and Westminster

The Council for Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre is proud of its interactions with Parliamentarians from both the House of Commons and the House of Lords, particularly enhanced enhanced by our work with the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG).

In 2019, the arts and culture sector contributed £10.8 billion to the UK economy and £2.8 billion to the Treasury through taxation, and generated a further £23 billion annually and 360,000 jobs. It is a matter of national interest to ensure that the next generation of employees are suitably equipped to join a sector that can help drive the growth, job-creation and innovation that the UK now needs more than ever to recover and thrive.

In support of these striking economic figures, CDMT pursues our advocacy activities ever vigorously, seeking to secure ongoing government support at all stages of teaching and learning in the performing arts. We also work to sustain and enhance the profile of the exceptional institutions and organisations it is our privilege to serve, connecting a new generation of students with the incredible opportunities available to them, whilst securing the underpinning standards that turn those opportunities into a solid foundation from which to build a rewarding and financially sustainable career.

During recent times CDMT has acted with energy to address the Covid-19 pandemic, and the ongoing cost of living crisis, and their impact on all our lives. We actively continue to:

  • Emphasise members’ interests to parliamentarians, civil servants and regulators
  • Host regular meetings to facilitate the sharing of information and approaches to the common challenges faced
  • Produce briefing papers and reports to highlight the effects of Covid-19 and EU withdrawal on the performing arts
  • Hold specialist sessions with the Department for Education (DfE)
  • Circulate government and industry guidance on relevant issues
  • Deliver careers information events to students, parents/guardians and teachers
  • Promote the Recognised Awards scheme as supporting the DfE’s non-statutory aims for Keeping Children Safe in Out-of-School Settings
  • Release joint public statements with other industry organisations
  • Act as Secretariat of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Performing Arts Education and Training.