Professional Training

Professional Training

The professional courses delivered by CDMT Accredited schools offer exceptional levels of training, underpinned by studio work, face-to-face interactive sessions in group and individual classes, and performance rehearsals. This provision is run by highly experienced practitioners, and their reputation for excellence attracts world-renowned freelance professionals to join them for the preparation of performers to the UK creative industries. Notably, dance, drama and musical theatre students from these vocational schools, colleges and conservatoires graduate having benefitted from:

  • On average more than 30 hours a week of contact teaching time, which could be five times as much as they might receive at a similar course in a mainstream university
  • Approximately 5 public performances in their third year of study, to which casting directors, agents and other industry employers are invited. Further, 84% of courses offer London and West End performances for third year students
  • Class sizes of around 17, creating time and space for individual attention to all students.

Moreover, 95% of courses are supported by one-to-one sessions, covering areas such as singing, acting, tutorials, health and wellbeing, physiotherapy, counselling and pastoral care. These striking statistics, more of which can be found in CDMT’s Statistical Survey of Vocational Training, underpin the nature of vocational training, ensuring that graduates enter the industry sufficiently equipped for the career that lies ahead of them.

The graduate destination rate from CDMT Accredited schools is high, with more than 90% of graduates progressing to professional performance careers soon after finishing their course, accompanied by excellent student satisfaction statistics:

  • 90% of students in their final year are confident that they are suitably equipped for auditions
  • 97% of students believe that their individual needs as aspiring artists are met
  • 98% of students are confident their Accredited schools is preparing them well for the industry
  • 99% of students feel proud to be training at their CDMT Accredited school.

Some more highlights of students’ experiences at CDMT Accredited schools can be found here.

Preparing for vocational training can be an exciting time for a young person embarking on a career in professional dance, drama or musical theatre. CDMT offers specialist Careers Events and Showcase Performances designed to help you find out more about professional training in the performing arts, to meet and chat to representatives from CDMT Accredited Schools and to take part in bespoke workshops in dance, drama and musical theatre. The event is the UK’s premier opportunity to get answers to all your questions about funding, training, the industry and how to kick-start the career you have been dreaming about!

Further, some helpful Frequently Asked Questions about preparing for professional training can also be found here.