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CDMT ensures the provision of high quality professional training through Accreditation of full-time dance, drama and musical theatre schools and colleges, and has provided the industry benchmark of quality assurance for professional training in the UK since 1979.

Full accreditation
is only awarded to those schools and colleges that have successfully undertaken a thorough and comprehensive, institutional level review of provision by a panel of CDMT nominated industry experts. The assessment of provision is made through:  documentary review, discussions with management, staff and students, observations of teaching and learning, scrutiny of graduate destination data and the review of facilities and resources. Accreditation normally lasts for four years after which the school or college must re-apply and undertake a full re-accreditation visit. Throughout the duration of the accreditation, CDMT undertakes at least one monitoring visit annually and maintains close contact through its Conference of Professional Schools forum which meets three times a year.

CDMT Accredited Schools and Colleges offer a huge variety of courses that vary widely in style, content and aims and qualifications. Each school is unique and has its own curriculum specially tailored to meet the needs of a particular strand of the industry. If you are interested in applying to an Accredited school you are advised to visit the websites and thoroughly research the prospectus so you can check that the aims and typical graduate destinations of the courses on offer match your aspirations. Many CDMT Accredited Schools and Colleges hold open days where you can find out much more about the courses on offer and the funding routes available. Many Accredited schools also have their own private bursaries and funding as part of the government's Dance and Drama Awards scheme to support talented youngsters in training for the profession.

On successful completion of the course, most CDMT Accredited Schools and Colleges offer the level 5 and level 6 Trinity College London Professional Performing Arts Diplomas as a qualification, some schools also offer BA degree courses and others offer teaching qualifications. It is also possible to convert the Trinity College London level 6 professional Diploma into a full BA Hons degree whilst working in the industry.Graduates from a CDMT Accredited School or College gain immediate eligibility for membership of Equity (the actors' and dancers' union)  and immediate eligibility for inclusion in Spotlight (the industry casting service).

CDMT’s accreditation reports are used by Ofsted as relevant evidence during their inspection process CDMT is also recognised as an accrediting authority by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) and is included in their list of accrediting bodies for the Key Information Set.

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