Members’ Written Resolution

Members' Written Resolution

Accredited schools and Validated awarding organisations

As discussed at the last annual general meeting, CDMT is updating its governance processes to ensure that the organisation is able to fulfil its charitable objects effectively and efficiently. This requires certain changes to its articles of association, the updated version of which is available below for reference. As agreed and approved by the CDMT Board, the updated articles include much needed modernisation of language and points of clarity, and describe a Board of 11 Trustees (rather than 14 to 16 as presently) comprising independents, representatives of employers/unions and the CDMT institutional membership, of which at least 6 must be present for meetings to be quorate. Trustees unable to attend 3 consecutive meetings will be asked to step down.

CDMT has circulated the form of the written resolution and the proposed new articles of association to its Accredited schools and Validated awarding organisations by email. If you agree to the resolution, please sign and date this document and return it to CDMT by applying your signature and the date to the resolution via the Docusign link which has been shared with you. If you do not agree with the resolution, you do not need to do anything: you will not be deemed to agree if you fail to reply.

The period for agreeing to the resolution is 28 days beginning on 27 October 2023. If you agree to the resolution, please ensure that your signed and dated version of the resolution reaches us before or on the date that this period lapses.

Members’ Written Resolution

Updated Articles of Association